Who (or what) I am.

I’m a teen girl detective and seeress from the USA with Spanish and English roots. I’ve got a toxic character; I love to think about death and about old movies after watching them dozens of times (sometimes with my uncle).

After I left Nevermore, I planned to save my first love, Tyler. He was abused by Laurel. But with me, his demons will be silenced. While planning an escape for us in 2023, I discovered new carnal, bloody, and unnatural acts, of accidental judgments, casual slaughters. I also felt a new psyonic power in me, so strong that it could influence my country.

I’ll publish trailers and stream episode fragments from my new adventures in 2023 and 2024.

Who or what is Wednesday Addams (pastiche)?

The fictive pastiche character Wednesday Addams was born (legally) due to Pinewood Studios publication on September 6, 2023, in WWW. It is a pastiche or fanart with some elements of parody. Material from the original work “Wednesday” (TV Series 2022) was manipulated so that a different story was possible. Some episodes also contain some satirical elements, but those elements do not use the material of MGM Tel. or Lakeshore R. So the pastiche series has the same faces and voices but a new story that targets the original work. It is written as a detective story, where the lead character thinks of the past again and reevaluates everything. She discovers that her family, Goody Addams, Nataniel Faulkner, Larissa Weems, and herself are more or less the bad guys. But the people she hated and underestimated — Bianca, the Gates family, Sheriff Galpin, Joseph Crackstone, and Uncle Fester — have much more good sides and are wiser than one could think. Xavier, Enid, and Tyler play both roles — good and bad as well — but at the end, they try to help Wednesday bring peace between outcasts and normies.