My video-novel

And how to read it (not just watch)

To understand a serial killer, you must think like a serial killer. To understand Wednesday, you must read like Wednesday (read, read, and read again) and not just watch Emojis like Enid Sinclair.

You can watch “Wednesday” (2022) first. After that, you can watch my pastiche series “I, Wednesday Addams” (2023) for the first time. However, I advise watching my video novel a second time and focusing on my confession or comment in the video.

My creation is primarily the text content. Confessions or comments in the video are primary and most important, but the video sequences are secondary. Very often, the spoken word is the opposite of my commentary. People often do something else than they choose or tell. So each series is thought of as something you read several times; read it like a book.